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Let us dance happily there


24:41 MIN, 2020

The film "Let's Dance There in Happiness" offers a captivating glimpse into the daily life at "Dzerves," a social institution located in the quaint community of Dauksti, Latvia.  Through a series of interviews, the dreams and future visions of the mostly elderly residents are revealed. Cared for by the empoyees, these people live together in close community, with their own past and individual history as a shared experience. The project's inspiration draws from an analysis of utopian ideals, and delves into the works of renowned philosopher Michel Foucault. In particular, the director explores Foucault's notion of heterotopias, where society creates utopian realms for itself - be it in the form of prisons, schools, pleasure houses, boarding houses, or even retirement homes such as "Dzerves."


Photo: Stefanie Freynschlag

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